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Learn More About Ocoee, FL

Ocoee is a rapidly growing city in Orange County, Florida. The city had a population of approximately 24,000 in 2000, and has expanded to over 32,000 by 2008.

The City of Ocoee is just one of many government agencies that provide legal services to the residents of Ocoee. The city of Ocoee government allows their residents to elect 4 commissioners and a mayor to make all the decisions and represent the city’s needs. Citizens within the city also contribute by being part of a volunteer and advisory board that comes together to help their fellow citizens. Once a mayor and 4 commisioners are elected, each of the commissioners, become a representation of a specific district or section in Ocoee.

In the News: In November 2008, a complaint was filed against Health Central Hospital in Ocoee for failure to report allegations of sexual misconduct against a nurse employed in the hospital. Nurse Kevin Laing was charged for sexual assault on a patient earlier in March 2007 while employed by Health Central Hospital. After being discharged, Laing was hired by Heart of Florida Hospital in Haines City and subsequently charged in September 2007 for molesting a patient at Heart of Florida. Whereas Heart of Florida Hospital followed state law and reported the accusation to the Florida Health Care Administration, Health Central Hospital had not. According to Heart of Florida, if they had known about the allegations against Laing at Health Central, they would not have hired Laing. Due to their failure to comply with state law, the hospital paid a $4,000 fine to settle the complaint.

Information on the Legal and Court System in Ocoee, Florida

Legal assistance is easy to come by in Ocoee because of the many talented Ocoee lawyers in the area. These attorneys can represent you in many diverse areas of law including: personal injury, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, tax, DUI, arson, assault, divorce, child custody and alimony issues and more.

If you are considering legal redress, or are hailed into court to defend yourself, an attorney is key to achieving a favorable outcome for you. A number of reputable lawyers practice in the Ocoee area and specialize in a wide spectrum of legal disciplines, but what they do share is a experience with the court system. As a general matter, the Orange County Court adjudicates misdemeanors, traffic violations, and civil matters up to $15,000. The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court presides over felonies, civil claims over $15,000, probate, juvenile delinquency, and family matters.

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