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Learn More About Aventura, FL

Aventura means adventure in Spanish but in Florida it is a master planned Miami suburb with just under 30,000 residents. Aventura is known for its thoroughfare, specifically the Aventura Mall which spans over 2.4 million square feet of shopping space. Other things that attract people to Aventura are the parks and condominiums, not to mention the great Florida weather.
A number of Aventura residents are practicing lawyers and are familiar with the local courts. Lawyers in Aventura take a wide variety of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, DUI, and wrongful termination cases.
Recently in Aventura, a renegade lawyer filed 13 separate lawsuits against towns with red light cameras. The lawyer, Jason Weisser, stated that it was a violation of due process to be served with a red light ticket. City attorney Bill Lisch said, “We believe we have some good law that backs us up on a constitutional basis.”
If you have a lawsuit to file in Aventura, you will likely be visiting the Civil Division of a Florida State Court. Florida has 4 levels of courts and many divisions with which to file. While it may seem fairly straight forward, most often it’s best to consult a knowledgeable Avetura lawyer.
LegalMatch’s online services offers helpful research tools in conjunction to providing free paring service with Florida bar certified Aventura lawyers. LegalMatch prescreens all their lawyers to assure you are matched with the most capable lawyer for your case in Aventura. Research on your case can begin at the LegalMatch law library or in the Forums section. LegalMatch knows legal processes can be confusing and is able to assist you in the process, regardless of your particular legal issue.
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