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Learn More About Kendall, FL

Kendall is a census-designated place located in the Miami-Dale County. Kendall holds one of the largest Colombian American populations in Florida. Kendall has also been home to notable residents Janet Reno and OJ Simpson. Locals often include communities including The Hammocks, Country Walk, The Crossings, Kendale, Lakes, Kendall West and Three Lakes as part of Kendall.

Lawyers in Kendall practice in most legal areas. Attorneys can be found to represent clients in the legal fields of bankruptcy, employment, immigration, personal injury, will & trusts, criminal law, family law and much more. It is vital to your case to have an attorney that is experienced in your legal field.

Kendall experienced a tragic loss on June 6th, 2009 when a police officer rear-ended a dump truck with his patrol car. The 23 year old officer had just finished his training program and was working the midnight shift when he lost control of his car and was killed in the accident. Fault has yet to be determined.

Cases such as the one above may raise several legal issues. Workers compensation and loss of consortium will be analyzed to determine the compensation to his fiancé and child. Additionally, once fault can be established, there may be issues of criminal negligence. Civil disputes will likely first be filed in Florida’s 11th Circuit Court. Criminal cases will be filed in the circuit’s criminal court. The procedural differences between these courts are vast and it is important that the employed attorney is familiar with these differences.

The right Kendall attorney will be familiar with your legal field and geographic location. To locate the right attorney is a struggle in itself. However, LegalMatch can make the process easy. Take your case to LegalMatch for a free, fast and effective attorney matching and experience the benefits of a superior matching service.

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