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Learn More About Greater Carrollwood, FL

Greater Carrollwood is an unincorporated area in Hillsborough County that is home to 34,000 residents. Greater Carrollwood is comprised of Carrollwood and Carrollwood Village which boast a Big Cat Rescue operation and the Regal Citrus Park 20, a theater complex.
Greater Carrollwood is home to reputable lawyers who are familiar with local courts. Lawyers in Greater Carrollwood take a wide variety of cases like bankruptcy, immigration visa, child custody, restraining order, and DUI cases.
Recently in Greater Carrollwood, Larry Eugene Tullis was charged for attempted first-degree murder. Tullis allegedly shot his roommate in the chest with a handgun after an argument over a can of Coca-Cola. He is being held without bail in the Hillsborough County Jail.
If you have a lawsuit to file in the Greater Carrollwood area, then you will likely be heading to the Hillsborough County Circuit Court. Florida Circuit Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, domestic relations, probate, felony, and juvenile cases. The Hillsborough County Court is responsible for misdemeanor, traffic, and small claims cases that do not exceed $5,000.
LegalMatch is the best way to find a reputable lawyer in Greater Carrollwood and the best part is that it’s free. LegalMatch is America’s original client-lawyer pairing service and even offers a free online Law Library for researching your case.
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