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Learn More About Oviedo, FL

The city of Oviedo is home to about 30,000 people. Oviedo lies in Seminole County, and is included in the Orlando-Kissimmee Metropolitan Statistical Area. Oviedo offers many attractions, including the Oviedo Marketplace Mall and an upcoming downtown development along Oviedo Boulevard. Oviedo is unique for its large population of chickens, who ironically live near Oviedo’s downtown “Popeye’s Chicken” restaurant. Although there are no chicken-related laws or statutes on the books to date in Oviedo, some residents have expressed interest in controlling the chicken population through legal measures.
Residents of Oviedo are served by the Seminole County Clerk of Court and the 18th Judicial Circuit Court. Additionally, Oviedo teens are served by the Seminole County Teen Court. This court hears first-time misdemeanor cases involving juveniles who have accepted responsibility for the charges against them. In Teen Court, each defendant serves on a minimum of one Teen Court jury as a sanction for their wrongs; after a juvenile defendant fulfills his remaining sanctions, he or she is eligible to become a member of the Teen Court. Teen court members are student volunteers who are trained in Courtroom and Juvenile Justice Procedures, as well as the Philosophy of Sanctions.
Recently, former Oviedo High School football coach and current Oviedo employee Edward Norton was arrested for violating his probation terms for the second time by possessing pornographic images of minors. Norton was on probation after completing a jail sentence for having sex with a teen student and possessing photos of their encounters. is an excellent tool for finding local Oviedo attorneys, and it is always free for clients. Let put you in touch with the finest Oviedo lawyers today. Start by presenting your case via our secure online intake system, or check out useful legal tips in our Legal Resource Center. More general legal information about Oviedo can be found through these external links:

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