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Learn More About St. Lucie, FL

Although it had humble beginnings as a fishing village in the 1950s, Port Saint Lucie has rapidly grown in the past 60 years. The city is now an established community of over 80,000 on Florida’s eastern shore.

Port Saint Lucie’s history as a city began as an investment project; a large development company purchased the land, built a bridge over the Fork River, and began building homes in the area. The company lobbied to have the town incorporated after residents began moving in, and the rest is history. Port Saint Lucie is now the county seat of Saint Lucie County, Florida.

Port Saint Lucie lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be having. These include criminal law, personal injury litigation, divorce law, bankruptcy filing, and many others. Attorneys in Port Saint Lucie are currently litigating a case where a school teacher removed an autistic child from her kindergarten classroom by a majority vote of the students. The teacher made the 5 year old child stand in front of the class while each of the students said why they disliked him. She then made the students vote to remove the child, which they did by a 14-2 vote.

Port Saint Lucie attorneys practice in the St. Lucie County court system. Port Saint Lucie lawyers know the ins and outs of the various divisions of their local courts. Attorneys are also familiar with Port Saint Lucie judges, court staff, and other St. Lucie county lawyers who they work with on a daily basis. This kind of local experience could come in handy if you have a case in St. Lucie County. can help you find a local Port Saint Lucie lawyer, free of charge. Our unique matching system will not only match you with a local attorney who has experience in your type of case, but we can also provide you with attorney ratings, background information, and other information exclusively available to

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