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Learn More About Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee serves as the capital of Florida and the county seat for Leon County.  Tallahassee is home to about 159,000 people, and is the fourth-largest state in the nation.  Tallahassee was named by the Native American Muskogean tribe, and means “old fields.”  The landscape of Tallahassee is notable for its many scenic hills, and the Florida State Capital building sits atop one of the steepest.  Tallahassee is also unique in that it has longer and hotter summers than most Florida cities, with temperatures occasionally exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Tallahassee is home to a number of educational institutions, including Florida A&M and Florida State University.  Furthermore, Tallahassee is a major trade and agricultural hub, and is increasingly becoming central to the manufacturing and high-tech industries.  Additionally, Tallahassee contains many national law firms, lobbying organizations, and professional associations, such as the Florida State Bar and the Tallahassee Bar Association.

Recently, the Florida Supreme Court agreed to hear oral arguments in the 1st District Court of Appeal’s Judge Michael Allen’s ethics case.  Allen is accused of writing opinions criticizing 1st District Court of Appeal Judge Charles Kahn’s decisions based on personal animosity for Kahn.  Allen’s dislike for Kahn is thought to stem from the fact that Kahn once headed a panel that was set to reverse the bribery conviction of long-time politician W.D. Childers before the full 1st District Court of Appeal stepped in to confirm Childers’ conviction.  In one opinion, Allen stated that Kahn’s former law partner, Fred Levin, Childers, and Lawton Chiles (who made Kahn’s appointment to the court) were behind Florida’s billion-dollar tobacco settlement, and that millions were funneled directly to Levin’s law firm. 

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You can find additional materials on Tallahassee law in our Legal Resource Center or Library.  The following websites also contain legal information for Floridians. 

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