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Learn More About Royal Palm Beach, FL

Royal Palm Beach, population 30,000, is a village located in Palm Beach County in southeast Florida. The village is the only land-locked city in the county with the word “beach” in its name. The city was incorporated in 1959 and lies about 15 miles to the west of the Atlantic Ocean.

The village of Royal Palm Beach, or “RPB”, was once a Seminole Tribe hunting ground. It is known for its mission to protect green areas, and was named a Tree City in 1990. The entire area is a designated bird sanctuary. Development began booming in 1979 with local efforts to encourage building on the land. Population and economic growth subsequently ballooned over the next 15 years. Today the village boasts a variety of recreational activities and facilities. It is its own independent, self-contained community complete with shopping, entertainment, and residential capabilities.

In March 2010, Royal Palm Beach newspapers reported the latest in RPB legal developments. A three-way water dispute arose involving the village of Royal Palm Beach, the city of The Acreage, and the Indian Trail Improvement District board. Royal Palm Beach previously owned exclusive rights to sell and pipe drinking water to residents of the Acreage and other areas nearby. RPB sold these water rights to Palm Beach County in 2004, retaining a 10% surcharge on Palm Beach water bills. This means that the village of Royal Palm Beach could potentially reap a handsome profit of over $250,000 per year if residents of the Acreage vote to agree to this water scheme. Members of the Indian Trail Development board became involved, questioning the legality of the water setup. Royal Palm Beach officials deny any accusations of bad faith in the agreement. Discussions and legal investigations regarding the three-way dispute are still ongoing.

Concerns about water rights are very important and often require the services of a lawyer. If you feel that you are involved in such a dispute, using can help you secure one of the many lawyers who practice in the Royal Palm Beach Area. LegalMatch is an online service that matches attorneys with clients for free.

Legal claims arising in the village of Royal Palm Beach can be heard at the Palm Beach County Court. The county court has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanors and minor civil claims. More serious matters may be heard at the Florida15th Judicial Circuit Court.

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