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Wellington may only be one of a few things that Vanilla Ice, Michael Bloomberg, Tommy Lee Jones, and Madonna have in common despite wealth. As an outstanding Florida community playing host to 56,000 Palm Beach County residents, Wellington is widely known for its equestrian and polo enthusiasm as well as originally being home to the world’s largest strawberry patch, an 18,000 acre farm called Flying Cow Ranch.
Since Wellington has such an abundance of celebrities and strawberries, you shouldn’t be too surprised to find that a number of talented lawyers also call Wellington home. Lawyers in Wellington advise on a diverse selection of cases, some normal examples include bankruptcy, divorce, immigration, estate administration, and the drafting of wills and trusts.
Recently in Wellington, the Associated Press filed a lawsuit against Wellington-based All Headline News which allegedly took AP stories and content and resold it as their own. All Headline News claims they didn’t infringe upon the Associated Press’ material since the Supreme Count has stated that news facts cannot be copyrighted.
If you have a lawsuit in Wellington, you will probably file it with a Palm Beach County Court or the 15th Judicial District Circuit Court. The county courts are responsible for hearing misdemeanor, traffic, ordinance violation cases, and small claims that do not exceed $5,000. The circuit courts have exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relation cases like divorce and child support matters, felony, mental health, probate, and civil appeals cases.
Having a knowledgeable Wellington lawyer on your side is imperative; LegalMatch is the most accurate method of pairing you with that lawyer. LegalMatch also offers an online legal resource center with tips on how to select a lawyer and a law library on nearly every type of case. As always, your customer satisfaction is guaranteed with LegalMatch and our services are free.
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