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Learn More About Marion County, FL

Located in Northern Florida, Marion County is composed primarily of rolling hills that are often covered with live oaks. Marion County was named after General Francis Marion, who was a guerilla fighter and hero of the American Revolutionary War.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Marion County, you should strongly consider hiring one of the experienced Marion County lawyers in the area. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in many areas of law including personal injury, tax, bankruptcy, business, divorce, DUI, criminal defense, employment, automobile accidents, and more.
A Marion County truck driver was recently charged with the death of a school bus rider. The criminal charges stem from a 2008 accident in which the driver of a semi-truck rear ended a school bus that was stopped to let some of its riders off. One of the passengers on the bus, a 13 year old, was killed in the accident and a number of other Marion County children were injured. A preliminary investigation of the accident revealed that the driver of the semi-truck was driving with not enough sleep, may have been distracted by his cell phone, and that the brakes on the truck were faulty. The man has already been served with multiple civil lawsuits from the parents of the deceased child as well as parents of other children who were injured in the accident.
The lawyers in Marion County regularly practice in the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. If your case arose in Marion County, there is a strong chance that you will have to report to this court. In that case, it would be very helpful to have an attorney who is experienced there. is here to help you find a great local Marion County lawyer to represent you in your case. We offer you a free online service that can quickly and easily match you to attorneys in your area that have represented clients with cases similar to yours in the past. Best of all, you can read attorney profiles and past client reviews before you ever have to talk to any of the attorneys that respond to your case.
For more information about the laws and courts in Marion County, please visit these external links:
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