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Learn More About Hialeah Gardens, FL

Hialeah Gardens is located in the southern tip of Florida. Incorporated only in 1948, the city was just a small community raising horses. It grew in population as a northern suburb of Miami and today is home to more than 24,000 people. The population is young, with a median age of just 34. Because of its location in the gateway state to the US of Latin America, Hialeah has a diverse immigrant profile. It has large communities of immigrants from Latin American countries, many of them musicians and artists. Ninety-two percent of Hialeah residents speak Spanish as a first language.

The Hialeah Park Race Track is located in the city as part of its original development. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful horse-racing tracks in the world. It is also a wildlife sanctuary, particularly for the American pink flamingo, imported in the 1930s from Cuba.

In 1987, the city council of Hialeah Gardens signed a resolution to ban animal sacrifices conducted by the Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye. The latter practiced the religion of Santeria, which is widely followed in the Caribbean islands. It subsequently sued the city for violation of the right to practice its beliefs. The lower courts initially ruled in favor of the government. But in 1993, the Supreme Court ruled against the city, concluding that the ordinance violated the Free Exercise Clause of the US Constitution.

If you also feel that any of your rights are under attack, you may look into attending a free legal clinic. Volunteer members of the Florida Bar and Miami-Dade County offer it to low-income residents. However, if you think your concerns are urgent, you might need to skip the often-lengthy application and placement process that accompanies validation of eligibility for such pro bono services.

Legalmatch can also help you find a reputable and experienced lawyer in Hialeah Gardens and surrounding Miami suburbs. You just need to fill up our form with a few case details, as well as a legal category. Then with a tap or click, you are matched up with a pre-screened and highly-regarded attorney in Hialeah. Top Hialeah lawyers have expertise in Family Law, Medical Malpractice, Workers’ Compensation, and Criminal Law, among others.

If you are still not sure about your needs, you may visit the Miami Dade County Library, open daily on regular daytime hours in Miami. Or you may also browse through our Online Law Library. It has over 10,000 legal articles written and reviewed by experts in the field.

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