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Many people from outside Florida may not know that Jacksonville is Florida’s most populous city. Set on the navigable St. John’s River, Jacksonville’s history goes back hundreds of years.

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As with any populous city, Jacksonville’s laws must be enforced to ensure the public tranquility. This requires a large number of lawyers representing each side in a dispute. The Jacksonville Bar Association has almost 2,000 practicing attorney members. For someone confronted with a legal problem, how can one choose from among this throng of attorneys?

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Jacksonville lawyers handle a wide range of cases, including criminal law, personal injury law, family law, and bankruptcy law. Like many cities, Jacksonville attorneys are looking into illegal hiring practices in the construction industry.

In a recent Jacksonville case, an illegal alien from Mexico was rendered quadriplegic when a large beam fell on his head on the construction site. He was brought to the local hospital and racked up more than $500,000 worth of medical bills with no insurance. Jacksonville plaintiffs’ attorneys sued the general contractor, claiming that they hired the injured worker illegally and gave laundered checks as payment. In this way, the contractor could provide a cheaper service, thus pushing other honest contractors out of the market.

Jacksonville attorneys must be familiar with the Duval County Circuit and County Courts. The Florida state court system is complicated, consisting of circuit and county courts at the trial level. These are in turn comprised of numerous departments, including circuit civil, county civil, domestic relations, domestic violence, felony, finance and accounting. Experienced Jacksonville lawyers will know how to navigate the inner workings of the Court system.

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