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Why Should I Join a Tobacco Class Action?

Tobacco litigation is a complex and frustrating process, requiring extensive research into the dealings of tobacco companies.  Because of the extensive use of medical research and the massive amount of information to sift through, firms hesitate to take on individual tobacco suits.

Chances are that someone else has suffered the same tobacco related injuries as you have.  Class action lawsuits allow law firms to get through legal hurdles, as well as minimize the risk against suing large well funded tobacco companies. 

How are Tobacco Companies being Sued?

Because cigarettes are a consumable product, most successful lawsuits involve products liability and warranty issues.  This area of law states that products which have risks that are unforeseen by consumers, or the manufacturer's failure to warn about potential hazards, make the manufacturer liable for injuries.

Second Hand Smoke Victim?

Second hand smoke or "environmental tobacco smoke" is the result of being near a source of smoke and inhaling the smoke for a prolonged period of time.  Those who have been injured due to second hand smoke have the same rights as those who actually smoke.  Class actions in this area of law have been limited because the number of injured in the class action can often be in the millions.  Often, this is better handled on an individual basis.

Should I Consult a Personal Injury Attorney?

Tobacco lawsuits are very complex and difficult to litigate.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you join a class action suit to recover damages for your injuries. 

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