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There are numerous attorneys in the Chicago area dealing with a wide range of legal issues. The Chicago Bar Association says there are currently over 22,000 practicing attorneys! How is a person supposed to go about selecting the perfect lawyer for his or her problem? A lawyer that is in good standing with the state bar association? One who puts clients first?

Solving legal problems is the chief goal of, a free attorney-client matching service. On, you provide the details of your case, then pre-screened attorneys review your case to determine a perfect match, and finally, they will contact you for an initial consultation.

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Chicago Lawyers take on a wide range of cases. In a recent contract breach case, a Chicago-based concert promoter sued the rapper Drake and OVO Touring for canceling a concert in Chicago and then failing to reimburse the promoter.  When Drake and OVO Touring initially decided to cancel the concert date back in 2012, they offered to reimburse the concert promoter the money that the promoter had paid as a down payment.  However, OVO Touring and Drake never actually followed through with that promise, and they managed to get another $100,000 from the concert promoter after promising to reschedule the concert and then failing to do so. 

Calculating potential damages in such a case would normally be difficult because it can be challenging to speculate just how much revenue an event has the potential to make if it never happened.  Fortunately for the concert promoter, Drake performed at a concert set up by a different concert promoter in Chicago in June of 2012, so the concert promoter and its lawyers had a real-life example to base their calculations off of. A dedicated Chicago attorney willing to put the necessary time into your case will make the difference between winning the case and losing it. In preliminary correspondence, a client can ask the attorney about her interest in the case, and gauge her enthusiasm and personality.

Chicago cases usually need to be filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, organized into six municipal districts, with courthouses located throughout the city. In addition, there are a number of divisions, including the Criminal Division, Domestic Relations Division (for family law issues such as divorce and child custody matters), Probate Division (wills and trusts), Juvenile Justice Division, and many more. A proficient Chicago attorney needs to be very familiar with each courthouse and their unique rules and procedures.

Alternatively, you may not be looking to hire a Chicago lawyer just yet. You may simply need pertinent legal advice about your basic situation, so that you will know how to proceed next. has powerful resources available to you. The first thing you can do is get free legal advice at LegalMatch’s Consumer-Lawyer Forum. You can also conduct your own legal research in our extensive Law Library containing over 3300 legal articles.

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