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Learn More About Lansing, IL

Lansing is a Cook County suburb of Chicago that is home to 29,000 Illinois residents. Lansing was incorporated in 1893 and today is known for having a good public school system. Lansing also offers a municipal airport for small private planes.
Lansing is home to some outstanding lawyers who are familiar with Cook County courts. Lawyers in Lansing consult clients on a variety of cases such as bankruptcy, divorce, wrongful termination. probate, and criminal cases.
Recently in Lansing, the Cook County Sheriffs Department filed a lawsuit against Craigslist for their use of adult service ads. The lawsuit states that Craigslist facilitates prostitution by allowing adult sex ads. The case, along with 40 others that have been filed by various District Attorneys from throughout the United States, will be heard in U.S. District Court.
If you have a divorce motion to file then you will be heading to the Cook County Circuit Court that is the highest trial level circuit court. Illinois Circuit Courts have jurisdiction over domestic relations, criminal, civil, probate, small claims, juvenile, and traffic cases among others. The U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago is prepared to handle any visa or citizenship issues that you may encounter.
LegalMatch is a free online lawyer-client pairing service and guarantees that you will be matched with a bar certified lawyer in your area. The LegalMatch Law Library and Legal Forums are an outstanding place to do some research on your case.
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