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Learn More About Mount Prospect, IL

Mount Prospect, IL is a quiet Chicago suburb with a population of just over 56,000 people located in Cook County. It is known for Prospect High School’s football team which has won three state championships and the school itself ranked 12th among state high schools. The small town has been recognized by Business Week magazine as the best place in the country to raise children.
Recently near Mount Prospect, a teacher was charged with having sexual relations with an expelled student from Maine East High School. Police stated that when Ms. Jennifer Espinosa was taken into custody she admitted to a sexual relationship with the former student. As a result of the charges the high school district in the area will begin a vote to terminate Ms. Espinosa’s employment at Maine East, where she has been a teacher and soccer coach since 1994. The trail for Ms. Espinosa has not yet begun in the Cook County Circuit Court.
Mount Prospect is within Cook County and is served by the Cook County Circuit Court. Mount Prospect residents will be reporting to this court for all their legal matters. In order to have a good understanding of the court system it is essential that you have a skilled Mount Prospect attorney by your side. Mount Prospect lawyers specialize in but are not limited to the areas of family, property, real estate, and juvenile law.
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