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Learn More About Buffalo Grove, IL

The city Buffalo Grove was named after Buffalo Creek which runs through the city. That creek was itself named after the many bison bones that were found in the area. In 2009, Buffalo Grove was ranked number 65 on Money Magazine’s top 100 “best places to live” list. The Raupp Museum is in Buffalo Grove and has some of the town’s artifacts representing the local history.
If you need legal services while in Buffalo Grove, you can choose from the many talented Buffalo Grove lawyers. These legal professionals are knowledgeable in many areas of law including DUI, arson, assault, foreclosure, bankruptcy, personal injury, slip & fall, divorce, child custody and more.
A trustee for the town of Buffalo Grove is currently involved in a complex lawsuit that calls into question online privacy and the First Amendment. The lawsuit arose after a poster on a local newspaper’s website made defamatory comments about the Buffalo Grove trustee’s son. The trustee asked the newspaper to turn over the IP address of the poster, which it did after court order. Then the trustee asked the ISP to provide the name and address of the poster, which the ISP turned over to the court. The current decision before the court is whether or not to turn over the name and address to the trustee, but the court must weigh privacy and first amendment issues against the defamation claim.
Buffalo Grove is served by the Cook County Circuit Court which is located nearby in Chicago. Because of its metropolitan location, this trial court is one of the busiest in the state and hears a vast number of cases every year. Having a Buffalo Grove lawyer who knows the ins and outs of this system would be a significant advantage for your case.
Finding an attorney is easy in this modern era, but finding the legal professional that is right for your case can be difficult. is here to help you find such a Buffalo Grove lawyer.  By presenting your case through our free online system, you will be matched up to qualified local attorneys who are in good standing with the state bar. In addition, you will be able to read attorney profiles and browse through client reviews before you hire any attorney that is presented to you.
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