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Learn More About Rockford, IL

Rockford is the third largest city in Illinois, and has an estimated population of 155,138.  Rockford is located in northern Illinois, and is the county seat of Winnebago County.  Rockford was named in honor of the Rock River, which borders the city, and for the ford that offers easy access across Rock River.

Rockford is well known for its lush forests, award-winning Japanese gardens, and outstanding golf courses.  Rockford’s excellent museums, including the Burpee Museum of Natural History and The Rockford Art Museum, attract many visiters each year.  Additionally, Rockport has begun upgrading its downtown district, and has development plans for the Main Street Corridor area too.

Rockford’s economy relied on the manufacturing industry for many years, but more recently it has been infused by high-tech business, tourism, and the growth of nearby Chicago’s economy.

Rockford’s neighbor, Chicago, is home to one of the most prestigious private law schools in the nation, Northwestern University School of Law.  Northwestern Law will begin offering students an accelerated JD program in 2009, which will take two, rather than the traditional three, years to complete.  The accelerated program will require students to complete the same number of credits, and will allow for the same employment opportunities as the traditional program; however, the accelerated program will be compressed into a mere five semesters.  Furthermore, in order to be eligible for the accelerated program, students must have completed at least two years of post-undergraduate, full-time work experience.

There are many well-educated lawyers in Rockford, and it may seem difficult to choose among so many on your own.  However, LegalMatch can help.  At no charge, LegalMatch can connect you with a pre-screened bar certified Rockford lawyer, who is knowledgeable about the Winnebago County Court System.  For example, local rules of the 17th Judicial Circuit Court require that lawyers meet certain qualifications before being approved to act as guardians ad litem, child representatives, or lawyers for children pursuant to a court order.  LegalMatch has a comprehensive database of lawyers who can help you with child custody and divorce matters, as well as numerous other issues such as immigration or bankruptcy.

Let work for you.  Take the online intake, and a LegalMatch professional will match you with a Rockford lawyer who has been pre-screened and is guaranteed bar certified.  In addition to seeking the assistance of a Rockford lawyer, you may find it useful to learn about your case by reading the LegalMatch Library.

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