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Learn More About Vernon Hills, IL

Vernon Hills, IL is a prosperous Chicago suburb which contains a mixture of residential, commercial and industrial zones. It is defined by its closeness to the big city, but does take pride in its own unique history. In any case, both cities support each other in various economic and public endeavors in a symbiotic relationship within the famous Cook County, Illinois.

As mentioned, the suburb of Vernon Hills is a prosperous one, based on the median household income of $101,297. Many residents here commute to well-paying jobs in Chicago. Housing and residential communities are well-made and well-kept, owing to the large middle-class workforce.

Common housing found in the village include townhomes and condos. There are sprawling, expensive residences for the wealthier villagers. Also, there is a significant percentage of Asians residing in Vernon Hills, but this does not alter the way business is conducted here. It is home to at least two famous American companies: Zebra Technologies and the American Hotel Register Company.

The first supplies the thermal barcode labels of ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies. The second is a famous maker and supplier of hotel products or services. There are more companies headquartered here, which accounts for a large percentage of people working in Vernon Hills.

Aside from the local branch of the Cook County public library system, there are many sources of information in the village. Residents have the Citizens Information Center for their information needs, and it has convenient online services. For things like case records, the local court can provide more information.

If you want an intensive view of the law, the LegalMatch online law library comes highly recommended. Thousands of articles are accessible on the library, and these address various cases that are good samples of how the law works in the country. LegalMatch conducts a client-to-attorney service for those who want quality legal services or representation.

While relatively peaceful and livable, one famous criminal incident has stood out in this town: the brutal stabbing attack on Katie King by co-worker Daniel Dion in January 2015. He stabbed King 20 times with a serrated knife. The appellate court upheld Dion’s original sentence in 2019.

For people who need lawyers but may not have enough money for their services, there is the North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic to go to. Also, the state bar association and other organizations have certain legal aid services offering pro bono.

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