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Bloomington, IL is one of America’s 25 smartest communities according to Forbes magazine. Gold Digest ranks Bloomington as one of the time five places to play golf in the USA. All 22.5 square miles of Bloomington is landmass and it is the fastest growing metropolitan area in Illinois.
Recently, the estate of a Bloomington woman received a $2 million verdict in their favor after the woman’s exposure to asbestos resulted in her death case. Attorneys (specialized in asbestos injuries) argued that the defendant conspired with product manufacturers to conceal information about the product’s hazards. The estate also received a total of $500,000 in punitive damages from a couple of the co-conspiring companies.
Cases, such as this one, which originate in Bloomington will likely be first heard in the McLean County Circuit Court. Every court is unique in some ways. An effective attorney must be familiar with the court and the law that best suits yours case.
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