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Learn More About Naperville, IL

According to Money magazine, Naperville, Illinois is ranked one of America’s Best Small Cities to Live In. This city was once known as a quaint farming town but has had a huge change since the 1990’s and is now home to some of the most high-tech companies of the 21st century. Not only does Naperville boast a growth in high tech companies, but it also holds 2 high schools that are ranked among the top 3% of high schools in the nation.
Recently, a Naperville resident was sentenced to 25 days in jail. Lisa Landin was the former treasurer for a Naperville elementary school’s parents association until she was caught stealing receipts. Ms. Landin was convicted of stealing $8,477 from the parents association and must pay that amount back according to her sentence. The former treasurer confessed that she stole cash receipts from various events held by the Scott Home and School Association.
Naperville is one of the few cities in Illinois that falls within two counties. About 100,000 residents of Naperville live in DuPage County and about 50,000 live in Will County. It is important to understand that depending on where you live in Naperville you will be reporting to different courts. The 18th Judicial Circuit Court serves those in DuPage County and the 12th Circuit Court serves those in Will County. Both of the Circuit Courts take juvenile, criminal, domestic relations, and civil cases.
When you are considering a legal matter, it is important to have a Naperville lawyer that knows which court you should be reporting too and the laws in that area. There are many skilled lawyers in Naperville that practice in family, juvenile, business, and intellectual property law.
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