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Learn More About Villa Park, IL

Villa Park has been regarded as a best-kept secret in Illinois for a long time. This inner-western suburb of Chicago is a beautiful garden city in DuPage County, Illinois, United States.

The city of Villa Park was named Money Magazine’s 28th Best Places to Live in America in October 2017. In the same year, it was hailed as the 8th best place in America to raise a family. Many residents attest that the village is virtually a safe place to live. The overall crime rate in Villa Park is an astounding 54% lower than the national average.

In February 2015, a member of a foreign terrorist organization was arrested in Villa Park, Illinois. The man, was charged with conspiracy and attempt to provide material support to a terrorist organization. According to the indictment, Khusanov and other like-minded individuals provided financial support for persons in the U.S to join ISIS.

The U.S. law enforcement’s investigation shows that Khusanov and other co-conspirators engaged in planning terrorist attacks through messages posted on a website. The U.S. Department of Justice and the law enforcers continue to work closely with public safety agencies to address terrorism and respond to citizen fear. The city government in Villa Park continues to work towards peace and order in the neighborhood.

Local citizens may go to the following legal aid and pro bono clinics for their legal needs: DuPage Bar Legal Aid Service, Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago, First Defense Legal Aid, The Law Project, Civil Court Clinic for Orders of Protection Pro Bono Advocates, and Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR). These clinics in Illinois provide pro bono services to indigent individuals, families and to small businesses.

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