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Learn More About Lake County, IL

Lake County was carved out of McHenry County in 1839, and today Lake County is home to about 713,000 people. Lake County lies in northeastern Illinois, within the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Lake County’s affluent lakeside communities, along with certain Cook County neighborhoods, are considered part of an area known as the “North Shore.”

Lake County residents are served by the 19th Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois. A qualified Lake County lawyer will know the local rules of court. For instance, under Rule 13.01, a party may be held in contempt of court for verbal or non-verbal acts which embarrass or obstruct the court from administering justice. The court may impose various sanctions for contempt, including fines, incarceration or both.

Notable case: Lake Forest resident George Baldwin was awarded $33.2 million for injuries he sustained in an auto accident caused by William Klairmont, another Lake Forest resident, who was driving 120 miles per hour while under the influence of alcohol. The damage award is thought to be the biggest in Lake County’s history, and will be used to pay for Baldwin’s medical expenses and future accommodations.

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