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Learn More About Park Ridge, IL

Park Ridge is, in the words of its residents, “A Wonderful Place,” and it would be hard to disagree. With picturesque tree-lined streets and a welcoming atmosphere, this small suburb feels like it could be hundreds of miles away from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, instead of the 15 it actually is. Park Ridge’s skyline is punctuated by the Art Deco Pickwick Theatre which is most famous for being used as a backdrop for the opening credits of Siskel and Ebert at the Movies.
In addition to this famous theatre, there area also a number of highly talented Park Ridge lawyers in the town. If you need legal assistance, these attorneys are available to represent you in matters such as employment discrimination, bankruptcy proceedings, DUI defense, civil rights actions, and many more.
A mother of a son who died from a drug overdose recently filed another wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Park Ridge claiming that the paramedics committed malpractice that led to her son’s death. The lawsuit argues that the Park Ridge paramedics responded to a 911 call in 2004 and arrived at the scene to find the boy’s father performing CPR his son, but then left the scene. The lawyer for the Park Ridge paramedics is defending their actions by arguing that the boy’s father had told the paramedics that his son did not need medical attention and to leave. The mother’s first lawsuit was dismissed by the trial court in 2005 because the state claimed immunity for the paramedic’s actions, but the Illinois Supreme Court overruled this ruling and allowed this present lawsuit to be filed.
The Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago serves Park Ridge. This trial court is one of the busiest in the state, and having an attorney that knows how to get you into the system quickly means avoiding long delays for your lawsuit. The experienced Park Ridge attorneys have this local knowledge and can use it to the advantage of your case.
To find the right Park Ridge lawyer for your case, you should check out After submitting a brief description of your situation, pre-screened Park Ridge attorneys will contact you about your case and ask about representing you. You can have peace of mind because all of the lawyers we work with have clean records with the state bar association.
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