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Learn More About Round Lake Beach, IL

Round Lake Beach, population 27,000, is a village located in Lake County in the state of Illinois. The village was incorporated in 1937, 100 years after the first log cabin was built in the area.
Round Lake Beach began as a small farming community of about 200 people and has since grown into a sizeable residential and commercial village. Its early history was riddled with various administrative hurdles involving issues with zoning, building codes, and police forces. However, the village got much of its development boost due to a thriving resort industry. Growth continued during the 1960’s due to aggressive annexation policies and commercial expansion along both Rollins Road and North Cedar Lake Road. The village is still experiencing growth, spending approximately $3 to $4 million per year on infrastructure and development. Today it maintains several historical artifacts and displays at its Cultural and Civic Center.
In October 2009, the village’s former director of building inspection services Phillip Senn was sentenced to 18 months on probation. He pled guilty to bid stringing, that is, manipulating construction contract bids and services. Senn oversaw Round Lake Beach’s Housing Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program from 2004 to 2008. During this time, he unlawfully directed a $29,975 contract to favor his brother’s construction firm. He had also authorized $1,000 for services that were never completed. A judge ordered Senn to complete 100 hours of community service, as well as 18 months of probation. The courts are in the process of conducting hearings to determine the amount of restitution Mr. Senn owes the village.
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Legal cases in Round Lake Beach are heard at the 19th Judicial Circuit, North Branch Court (Round Lake Beach location). The circuit court has jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases, as well as traffic, juvenile and domestic relations claims. Appeals are heard at the Illinois 2nd District Appellate Court.
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