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The city of Alton is located on the western side of the state, just across the border from St. Louis, Missouri. The city was originally developed as a river city by Rufus Easton, who named the city after his son. Because the city is located at the confluence of three important and navigable rivers, the Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri Rivers, it quickly became an economic hub of the trade business. The city of Alton is also famous as being part of the abolitionist movement. During the 1830s, a prominent printer and abolitionist leader was killed while trying to protect his printing press during a pro-slavery riot. The man became the first martyr for the abolitionist movement.
Alton lawyers can help you with many legal issues including personal injury, DUI, tax, criminal defense, assault, battery, rape, arson, divorce, automobile accidents, wrongful death, alimony and more.
A jury recently took less than two hours to deliberate on a case involving a nursing home in Alton. The plaintiff was represented by an Alton attorney and had sued on the behalf of the estate of the victim who had fallen and broken her wrist and hip while at the nursing home. The deliberation was so short because the judge had struck down the defendant’s arguments regarding negligence and had instructed the jury to direct the verdict to the plaintiff. All that was left for the jury to do was decide on damages. The jury awarded $5,000 for the claim of wrongful death and also $15,000 for the violation of the Nursing Home Care Act.
The lawyers in Alton regularly practice in the Third Judicial Circuit Court, which serves the counties of Madison and Bond. This court has eight Circuit Judges as well as thirteen Associate Court Judges. This court sees about 95,000 cases filed every year. It is important for the success of your case that your attorney be familiar with this trial court. can help you find an Alton attorney that has experience not only with this court, but also with the area of law that your case deals with. Here at LegalMatch, we also know how important it is for you to be comfortable with your legal representative, which is why we give you access to attorney profiles and past client reviews before you ever have to hire any of the attorneys that you are matched to.
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