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Learn More About Hoffman Estates, IL

Hoffman Estates is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, straddling Cook County and Kane County. Today, the village serves as headquarters for Sears Holdings Corporation. Hoffman Estates is also home to the Chicago Bliss of the Lingerie Football League. This year, the village became the home of the Heartland International Tattoo, a very large music and dance festival.
Lawyers in Hoffman Estates practice in many areas of law. A person looking for an attorney in Hoffman Estates can find one practicing bankruptcy, business, criminal, employment, family, immigration, real estate, personal injury, will/trust and many other fields of law. Different cases require different attorney specializations, it is important to find an attorney that works in your field.
Recently, Hoffman Estates’ Sears Holdings Corp. required an employment law attorney after Kmart was sued for employee discrimination. Sears, who owns Kmart, is accused of liability for the actions of one of Kmart’s managerial staff. The Kmart manager allegedly fired an attorney because he used a cane, which the attorney asserts is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The case is pending.
A proper attorney in Hoffman Estates must know where to file certain claims. Most civil lawsuits will be brought before the Circuit Court of Cook County, including those involving real estate or civil asset forfeiture. Divorce and child custody matters are filed in the same court in the Domestic Relations division. There are also separate court divisions for criminal cases, and a probate division for wills and trusts matters.
LegalMatch is very experienced in finding attorneys who are not only familiar with the requisite law and legal area but who are also pre-screened interested in the case presented by the client. LegalMatch’s superior matching system has proven to be a valuable asset but it is offered for free to clients. The service is fast and effective and there are no obligations. Taking your case to LegalMatch may be the essential step towards winning your case.
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