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Learn More About Harvey, IL

Harvey plays host to 30,000 Chicagoland natives who enjoy seasonal festivals and events hosted by the city. Harvey is known by many as the location of the infamous Blues Brothers car chase that was filmed in the Dixie Square Mall. Since his election, the Mayor of Harvey has worked to promote new business, improve city sponsored programs, and strive for racial harmony among Harvey’s diverse population.
Several Harvey locals work as lawyers and are familiar with advising clients on a broad mix of cases. Lawyers in Harvey take bankruptcy, divorce, automobile injury, DUI, and immigration visa cases.
Recently in Harvey, Cook County officers charged Nick Sord with reckless homicide and aggravated DUI. Sord is accused of killing Jessica Mejia in an accident that launched the two from the car after hitting a light post – neither were wearing seatbelts. DUI charges cost an average of $10,000 for fines and attorneys, however, Sord’s additional charges could earn him a lengthy sentence if convicted.
If you have a case to file in Harvey then you will be heading to the Cook County Circuit Court. Circuit courts have exclusive jurisdiction over most kinds of cases that arise including family, civil, criminal, probate, mental health, juvenile, and traffic cases among others. The U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago is responsible for hearing any immigration visa, deportation, or citizenship cases.
LegalMatch is the most dependable method of finding a bar certified Harvey lawyer. LegalMatch is services are free and offer great resources to help you gain a better grasp of you particular legal issue and the procedure it is likely to require. Check out LegalMatch’s Law Library and Forums sections if you’re interested.
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