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Learn More About Bloomingdale, IL

One of the earliest settled villages in DuPage County, Bloomingdale, IL was once a vital stop for travelers to the West. Much of the region surrounding Bloomingdale provided settlers, goods, supplies, horses and transportation to fuel expansion into the then-sparsely populated Western part of the North American continent.

The village has a good economic plan which connects to land development. This supports a commercial district of retail companies with some light industrial factories mixed in. Opportunities await its best and brightest citizens, composed largely of professionals, with a large percentage going to work in nearby Chicago.

Growth is something organic to this place, as evidenced by its motto “Growth With Pride.” This means a selectiveness in the kind of growth allowed to flourish here. It doesn’t have a negative connotation, because the kind of growth being planned and worked for is of the progressive, humane, and environmentally-friendly kind.

What is not selective are the people who can share in this growth, and that has led to this village’s very low percentage of families living under the poverty line. The government is fully on the side of development, which makes Bloomingdale one of the best places to live in the state of Illinois.

Residents are benefited greatly by the strong, established retail and commercial base. Business development is well-supported by promotional initiatives, training seminars and Bloomingdale’s Economic Development and Planning divisions.

Despite its good civil rights records, one high-profile 2014 lawsuit became the focus of public attention. It involved a former village assistant finance director who was openly stricken by HIV/AIDS. He alleged that discriminatory budget cutbacks to his healthcare initiatives of 2012 would be a “severe burden on disabled employees” and led to his resignation. The court verdict, however, failed to favor his case.

Citizens of Bloomingdale who want to know how the law works can use the help of LegalMatch’s online Law Library, aside from the village’s public resources. LegalMatch services are centered on a highly-effective attorney-matching service that delivers fast, efficient results for clients.

Bloomingdale’s residents can make use of various pro bono legal services from organizations like the DuPage Bar Legal Aid Service and Chicago-based First Defense Legal Aid. University-based legal clinics are served by law schools in surrounding areas.

Education is a top-rated institution in this city, based on several public school districts and a number of schools run privately by Christian denominations.

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