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Learn More About Bartlett, IL

Bartlett is a village in Illinois that is home to 36,000 Cook County and DuPage County residents. Bartlett is largely made up of newer housing developments which have erected larger expensive homes which contrast to the more moderately priced and sized homes that comprise the downtown and older sections of Bartlett. Bartlett is known for its original railroad station that was built in 1873 and for having the largest Little League program in the United States with over 1500 participants.
Bartlett is also home to a number of lawyers as well. Lawyers in Bartlett take a diverse selection of cases, some typical examples include chapter 7 bankruptcy, child support, wrongful termination, and criminal cases like DUI and felony charges.
Recently in Bartlett, two men, Terry S. Bratcher of West Chicago and Keith L. Allen of South LaSalle Street in Chicago, plead not guilty after being indicted on first degree murder, home invasion, burglary, and armed robbery charges. Bratcher and Allen face the charges after Carl W. Kuhn, 82, was found suffocated in his home. Kuhn was an avid gun collector and was found around 9 p.m. smothered to death with a pillow.
If you have criminal charges pending against you, or simply want to file a lawsuit than you will probably be visiting the Cook County Circuit Court or the DuPage County Circuit Court. Generally, you will want to file your case in the county which you live but since Bartlett is divided by two counties, it may be best to consult a lawyer who is more familiar with local court procedure. Immigration issues are not handled by these courts but rather by the U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago.
LegalMatch is a free service that helps you find lawyers in Bartlett, Illinois and throughout the United States. After you submit your case anonymously it will be reviewed by local lawyers who are interested in taking on your case. It’s a great avenue to find the best lawyer specializing in your case with your satisfaction guaranteed. Check out the Law Library for a great source of quick reference for your legal questions.
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