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Learn More About Hanover Park, IL

Hanover Park is a village of about 39,000 Illinois State residents. While most of Hanover Park is in Cook County, the village also extends into DuPage County making court filings somewhat difficult. Hanover Park attracts many visitors during the summer months that enjoy the public parks, Seafari Splash Water Park, and annual festivals like the Maxwell Street and Arbor Day celebrations.
Hanover Park plays host to a diverse population that includes knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with practicing law in Illinois. Lawyers in Hanover Park consult their clients on a wide variety of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, immigration, DUI and personal injury cases like malpractice and class action lawsuits.
Recently, Hanover Park native Cayetano S. Williams was arrested by Hanover Park Police and FBI agents. Williams was arrested and charged for the robbery of a Chase Bank branch in Hanover Park. He allegedly made off with $25,000 from the robbery but is also suspected in a Roselle convenience store robbery. Williams faces 20 years in prison if convicted for the Chase robbery.
If you have a case to file in Hanover Park then you will be heading to an Illinois State Circuit Court in DuPage or Cook Counties. Circuit Courts in Illinois have exclusive jurisdiction over criminal, civil, probate, juvenile, and domestic relations cases like divorces and support hearings. The U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago is responsible for handling any visa, deportation, or citizenship issues that may arise in Hanover Park.
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