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Learn More About Lombard, IL

Lombard calls itself the Lilac Village and primarily serves as a DuPage County suburb of Chicago. Lombard plays host to a number of public and private schools as well as the Little Orphan Annie House which attracts fans of the Little Orphan Annie cartoon strip and its creator, Harold Gray.
Lombard is also home to lawyers who are familiar with taking bankruptcy, child custody, medical malpractice, tort, and DUI/DWI cases. Lawyers in Lombard know local court procedures and can help you sort out any legal question.
Recently in Lombard, authorities began the investigation into Randall Moon’s death at the Provena Mercy Medical Care Center. Moon suffered from some non-threatening injuries but was found in cardiac arrest with many mysterious bruises covering his body. Law enforcement suspects foul play in a rising trend of nursing home abuse.
If you are looking to file a case in Lombard then you will be heading to the DuPage County Circuit Court that retains exclusive jurisdiction over most kinds of cases. Illinois Circuit Courts are responsible for hearing criminal, civil, domestic relations, probate, and juvenile cases among many others. Immigration Cases should be filed with the U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago, Illinois.
LegalMatch provides free pairing between Lombard lawyers and the clients who need them. LegalMatch guarantees their selection of lawyers is bar certified and offers an outstanding Law Library with over 4,000 articles.
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