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Learn More About Northbrook, IL

Located in northern Cook County, Northbrook was the location of several famous movie scenes. Much of Ferris Bueler’s Day Off was filmed in the local Northbrook high school, as was the last scene of The Breakfast Club. Other notables include the party scene in Uncle Buck, shots from Risky Business, and several scenes from Ice Harvest.
Northbrook lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be having, including divorce, criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, and many more.
Attorneys in Northbrook are currently litigating a case involving a neighbor’s right to treat their property like a scrap yard. Neighbors of the offending Northbrook resident are suing to force their neighbor to remove a large stack of used tire treads currently littering the property. The stack is visible from the street and is allegedly leading to lower house prices in the area. The suit is currently ongoing.
Northbrook lawyers are familiar with the Cook County court system, including the Cook County Circuit Court. An experienced Northbrook lawyer will know the ins and outs of these courts, as well as the court staff judges, other lawyers, and law enforcement.
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