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Learn More About Wheeling, IL

Wheeling, Illinois emerged as a center for industry and commerce in the 1960s. Located in the heart of Chicago, Wheeling is known for its landscaping nurseries and the home of the Milwaukee Avenue “Restaurant Row”. As a diverse community and home to almost 40,000 people, Wheeling is distinguished by its unique balance of industry, commercial development, and a wide selection of housing options. Legal services for the people in Wheeling are managed outside the village.

Several free legal aid clinics are located in Illinois like Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic, Prairie State Legal Services, Inc. and First Defense Legal Aid. These clinics offer services to people looking for legal representation in domestic violence, immigration, landlord-tenant, bankruptcy, civil rights, consumer, and criminal law. For other practice areas, you may opt to hire private lawyers with the legal specialization that you need.

The provision of legal services to low-income individuals or families or to non-profit organizations may present some risks. Pro bono work provides amazing relationships and contacts for passionate professionals who are still building their network. However, lawyers who handle a number of legitimate cases often find difficulty in balancing pro bono work with other obligations.

In the year 2017, three family members who operated a chiropractic clinic in Wheeling were sentenced in a federal court in Chicago to federal prison terms in connection with healthcare fraud. The trio fabricated some patients’ medical records and overbilled several insurance companies, causing a loss of $10,847,000. In some cases, the patients participated in the scheme and even received incentives via checks. The three family members and two other defendants who owned an ultrasound mobile service pleaded guilty.

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