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Learn More About Maywood, IL

Maywood is a village within Proviso Township that is home to 27,000 Cook County residents. Maywood was settled in 1859 and today is known as the “village of eternal light.” Maywood is a blue collar community that plays host to the Illinois National Guard 33rd Tank Company.
A number of Maywood’s locals are practicing lawyers who are familiar with local courts and procedures. Lawyers in Maywood take an assortment of cases including bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration visa, DUI, and domestic relations cases like divorces and child custody matters.
Recently in Maywood, 17-year-old Demetrious Green pulled a gun on a man and demanded his money. After the man gave him the $7 and cell phone he was carrying, Green hit him with gun and the man became enraged. Green lost possession of the gun and was beaten up by the man who turned the weapon into police. Green was identified by the man and sent to jail after a short criminal trial.
If you have a motion to file in Maywood then you will be heading to the Cook County Circuit Court. Illinois Circuit Courts are the highest trial level court with which you may file and retain exclusive jurisdiction over civil, small claims, domestic relations, juvenile, criminal, and traffic cases among others. The U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago, Illinois will be able to handle any immigration issues that you may face.
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