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Learn More About Huntley, IL

Huntley Village is part of metropolitan Chicago, along the “Golden Corridor”, so called for the economic boom in the area, which hosts several Fortune 500 companies. According to a presentation of the local council last January 14, 2020, residents were surveyed on the quality of life at Huntley and they gave an average rating of 95% for 2019. The town website dedicates a whole section to Transparency, regularly uploading minutes of meetings for constituents to read. The village has been awarded by the state the Annual Financial Report Award for 17 consecutive years.

Perception of public safety, according to the same report, satisfaction with public safety is at a high of 90%. According to safety site Safewise, the city is the top 5th safest city out of 270 in Illinois. There are an estimated 28,000 residents of Huntley, and this is expected to grow because of the high influx of migrants from other cities. In particular, the young and wealthy are looking to live in a place that retains a small town feel but is located in a highly-urbanized area.

McHenry County is a traditional stronghold of the Republican Party. An uproar ensued in February 2019 when actor Jussie Smollett filed a case for racial discrimination and harassment, where the perpetrators allegedly shouted “This is MAGA country!” The acronym refers to President Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again. Presently, the actor is being countersued for fraud, after reports surfaced that the whole ordeal was a publicity stunt. The counter-charging by state prosecutors is being seen as a political move.

McHenry County has a high rate of literacy, with a large white-collar professionals residing in the village. If you are looking to study law, the best options are in Chicago, specifically the Chicago-Kent College of Law of the Illinois Institute of Technology and the John Marshall Law School of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Lawyers serving Huntley at the present were graduates of these universities. Top lawyers in Huntley have specialization in business, estate planning, family law and divorce, and workers’ compensation and benefits, among others.

If you need legal advice, there are a number of free legal clinics in Chicago, among them the Prairie State Legal Services, in McHenry. However, it would do well to note that there is possibly a long list of applicants for pro-bono services and it could take some time for you to be assigned to a lawyer. Allow Legalmatch to do it for you at a click on a button on our website. Our lawyer database and Online Law Library has thousands of legal articles that will help you make a decision or answer your urgent legal questions.

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