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Learn More About Pekin, IL

Pekin is the seat of Tazewell County and is nationally known as the marigold capital of the world which hosts the annual Pekin Marigold Festival. Pekin is locaed in central Illinois along the Illinois River. Pekin covers a total of 13.8 square miles and is home to 34,000 residents.
Pekin plays host to some outstanding lawyers who are familiar with local courts and procedures. Lawyers in Pekin take a wide selection of cases like bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration visa, and criminal issues like DUI and felony cases.
Recently, the Pekin City Council voted to accept the winning outcome of the lawsuit filed against the Village of North Pekin over a boundary dispute. The Village of North Pekin annexed land surrounding the Kerasotes ShowPlace 14. Pekin will keep much of the land and both municipalities agreed on making Illinois Route 98 the boundary.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Pekin then you will be heading to the Tazewell County Circuit Court which handles most cases in the area. The Circuit Court in Pekin is exclusively responsible for taking family, criminal, civil, tort, contract, real property, and traffic cases among others. Visa, deportation, and other immigration issues must be handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago, Illinois.
LegalMatch has a number of outstanding lawyers who want your case in the Pekin area. All LegalMatch lawyers are guaranteed to be Illinois State Bar Certified and the services are completely free of charge. The LegalMatch Law Library has over 4,000 articles for your reference but if you have a more specific question then post it in our Legal Forums.
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