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Learn More About St. Charles

St. Charles, Illinois, population 32,000, is a Chicago suburb located in both the Kane and DuPage counties of Illinois. It was incorporated in 1874, and its official town slogan is “Pride of the Fox”, which refers to the Fox River that runs through the middle of the city.
St. Charles was originally an isolated area in Illinois, as the Fox River was not accessible to large boats. Today the town has grown into a sizeable and independent community, with four major state highways connecting it to the greater metropolitan area. The Fox River is the center of community gatherings, with the city hosting events such as the Pride of the Fox Riverfest and the Kane County Fair. When visiting St. Charles, you can enjoy unique activities like paddlewheel riverboat rides and moonlight hayrides. The city also has a fashionable downtown area, and was recently named as one of Chicago’s “Top Ten” for shopping, fine arts and entertainment.
In recent St. Charles legal news, a $4.5 million settlement was finalized regarding the Judicial Center located in the city. County officials sued Hussey Copper Ltd. and Hussey Copper Corp. due to a defective roof which the companies installed at the Center. Apparently the roof which was installed in 1992 was lead coated and began leaking the lead. The roof ended up contaminating a pond and areas of land surrounding the Center. The roof has since been replaced, and the settlement was reached in January 2010.
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Since St. Charles covers two counties, legal claims arising in the city are heard in different courts. Depending on your location in St. Charles and the type of case, claims will be heard at either the DuPage County 18th Judicial Circuit Court or the Kane County 16th Judicial Circuit Court. The circuit courts have jurisdiction over a range of civil and criminal matters.
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