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Learn More About Palatine, IL

In 1866, the Village of Palatine was founded by Joel Wood, who is commemorated today by a Palatine downtown street bearing his name. Palatine is a suburb of Chicago and lies in Cook County. Palatine’s population began growing quickly during the 1970s, and today Palatine is home to about 67,200 people.

Palatine residents are served by the Cook County Unified Court System. The Circuit Court of Cook County is Illinois’ largest circuit court, and one of the world’s largest unified court systems. To accommodate the over 2.4 million cases filed annually in the Cook County Circuit Court, the court is divided into three departments: Child Protection, County, and Municipal and Juvenile Justice. All three departments are located in Chicago, and a qualified Palatine lawyer will be familiar with the local court rules and orders.

Recently, Palatine Township GOP committeeman Gary Skoien sought a restraining order against his wife, who is facing domestic battery charges. Skoien claims that his wife attacked him with a guitar and her fists after arriving home early to find him and two women in their children’s play room.

Lawyers in Palatine practice many different types of law, including criminal law, personal injury law, and landlord-tenant law. agents screen Palatine lawyers for you based on areas of practice, educational qualifications, and disciplinary records. Begin resolving your legal issue today by taking advantage of our legal resource center, or by exploring these outside Palatine legal resources:

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