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Learn More About Crest Hill, IL

Crest Hill is a city located in the northeastern section of Will County in the state of Illinois. Originally known as Stern Park, the city was officially incorporated in 1960 to prevent being annexed by Joliet City. The 2010 U.S Census puts the city’s population at an estimated 21,000.

Today, Crest Hill is a growing city with plenty of amenities and historical attractions. The city government is focused on driving economic growth, which is evident in their Illinois EDGE Incentive Program to retain existing businesses and remove barriers to establish new businesses within the city.

If you are facing charges in the city that are in any way affecting your rights, the City of Crest Hill Office is open Monday through Friday. Additionally, the Will County Courthouse is located at West Jefferson Street and handles cases surrounding divorce, estate planning, and family law.

Get in touch with Crest Hill lawyers to steer your case in the right direction. A number of Crest Hill attorneys specialize in various legal services, such as personal injury, bankruptcy, civil rights, insurance claims, workers’ compensation, and more.

Recently, a civil lawsuit was filed against a small business owner in Crest Hill. The plaintiff, a former employee, claimed age discrimination as grounds for her unlawful termination. However, the case was dismissed following investigation concluding no substantial evidence regarding the allegations.

If legal services are out of financial reach, the DuPage Bar Legal Aid Service offers pro bono and legal aid services for cases involving bankruptcy and estate planning. Furthermore, First Defense Legal Aid specializes in cases involving criminal law.

Find out more about your legal options by accessing resources available to Crest Hill residents. The White Oak Library District: Crest Hill Branch is open Sunday through Saturday and contains resources that may help your case. The Will County Legal Self-Help Center is another great resource providing legal information on how to navigate the legal process.

For further reading, the LegalMatch Law Library contains thousands of articles that may help with your case. With several legal categories that are highly accessible and easy to navigate, you can gain knowledge of your legal options to help move your case forward.

Through LegalMatch, you can find a qualified Crest Hill attorney to handle your case. With over 20 years’ experience in client-attorney matching, LegalMatch has helped millions of clients gain access to the right attorney to handle their case.

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