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Learn More About Lisle, IL

If a village in America is voted number seventeen in the list of “Best Places for the Rich and Single” by Money magazine, it should mean the place is trendy and friendly for the upwardly-mobile young. Lisle, IL is one such place, and is one of the most fashionable cities near Chicago.

One place that makes it fashionable is the Bulls/Sox Training academy. This offers year-round training in basketball and baseball for young athletes. It was created by Chicago-based pro teams the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox. The academy supports the city’s reputation for being friendly to young, monied people.

Besides this reputation based on a current lifestyle trend, the older and more established reputation of this city is based on its being livable, with excellent neighborhoods and a prosperous economy. The same magazine which tagged it great for rich singles also ranked it 20th in a list of the 100 best places to live in 2007.

Lisle has its industrial or manufacturing side, being the base for big companies like Navistar, Armour-Eckrich, CA Technologies and Molex. In particular, Armour-Eckrich has seen many changes. It is now owned by a multinational company. Lisle is also headquarters to region three of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Industry has its darker side here, as evidenced by a class-action suit filed by homeowners in 2001 against a metal fabricating company based in Lisle. They accused the company of contaminating their private wells and damaging their health and property with hazardous chemical spills near their homes. The U.S. District Court ruled for the complainants and charged the company with punitive damages for liability and relief.

Despite the big city woes, Lisle remains a small town at base. Good neighborhoods are protected by its residents and the city, while businesses and companies here have become better at practicing corporate social responsibility.

For more interesting case records, people in Lisle have more resources other than traditional ones found in their city. There is, for instance, LegalMatch, which offers an online library of more than 10,00 articles for those studying how the law works in actual cases. LegalMatch specializes in matching client cases to the right attorneys.

Legal resources accessible here include a number of free legal aid or services groups. Among them the DuPage Bar Legal Aid Service, which specializes in family law, estate planning, bankruptcy and criminal cases.

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