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Learn More About South Elgin, IL

South Elgin, originally known as “Clintonville”, is one of “America’s Best Places to Live” in 2007. A village in Kane County, Illinois, South Elgin has been known to have maintained the highest level of quality of life. Its rich culture, history, and natural beauty make it a well-respected community in the United States. From its modest beginnings, the Village continues to embrace future development through its humanitarian efforts.

South Elgin ranked 8th as the “Best Illinois Cities for Jobs” and 35th as “Top 100 Best for Families in Illinois” in 2011. With an estimated population of 23,447 people, South Elgin is the 101st largest city in Illinois. From a rural farming land, Elgin continued to grow and evolve to a thriving modern community.

The existence of excellent schools, safe streets, and a great job and business opportunities are the fruits of the good life the South Elgin residents enjoy. This village is also home to famous musicians and artists, businessmen, athletes, politicians and reputable lawyers.

South Elgin residents can find lawyers in legal aid clinics in nearby cities. Pro bono clinics like Prairie State Legal Services, Inc., Kane County Bar Association LRS, DuPage Bar Legal Aid Service in Illinois provide free legal aid to indigent people and small businesses. If you are unable to find pro bono services in your area, you may consider hiring private lawyers in South Elgin.

In 2016, an Elgin resident was sentenced to 26 months in prison on federal fraud charges. Stephen T. Angerman pleaded guilty to money laundering and bank fraud. According to the indictment, the defendant admitted to having fraudulently obtained a $510,000 and a $64,590 loan from a bank and a credit union by making false statements on his application. He further admitted to falsifying bank account statements, assets, and liabilities, and employment information. He used his ill-gotten money to purchase a home on Wrenwood Circle in South Elgin.

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