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Learn More About Geneva, IL

Bloomberg BusinessWeek chose Geneva, IL as the best place for raising kids in 2013. It is no wonder for a city which has an extensive system of trails and bike paths. These also provide destinations for tourists to spend weekends at and go hiking and camping or kayaking on the Fox River.

Initiatives for keeping Geneva in contention as one of the best places to live in Illinois come from different sources. One is the Geneva History Center, which keeps history alive in historic installations or structures like the Fabyan Windmill.

More initiatives include current drives for affordable housing with a wide range of inclusions. Another is a fundraising event sponsored by the Geneva Natural Resources Committee to reforest areas within the city’s incorporated territory.

Nothing beats being a well-placed suburb in terms of a well-made highway, and this is true for Geneva, which lies on the western side of Chicago. This highway traces an old, historic route into the far west, which helped homesteaders settle territories in preparation for inclusion into the United States.

Geneva is part of a tri-city area that includes Batavia and St. Charles. It lies in the middle, and early in its history, it was named the seat of Kane County with the help of a prominent politician. This city is proud of its place in Illinois and has outstanding records and citizen access to such things as legal case files.

Besides the government, private sources of legal information include LegalMatch, which runs a website with a highly useful Online Law Library composed of legal articles. LegalMatch matches lawyers to clients who need their legal services.

IN 2017, Patriot Heating and Cooling services filed a lawsuit against Kevin Ketchum along with Nexxus Publishing, which is based in Geneva, claiming that the firm practiced deceptive advertising on its Facebook pages. The settlement, provided by the defendants’ insurance company, was for $30,000, although Patriot was suing for $250,000. Nexxus and Ketchum did not admit to any legal liability.

When in need of free attorney services like pro bono aid, free legal consultations, clinics or representation, there are legal organizations or firms you can turn to in Geneva. There are the Kane County Bar Association LRS, Prairie State Legal Services, Inc. and organizations based in nearby Chicago. University law schools are one source of helpful legal clinics, which are mostly based in the big city.

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