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Learn More About Downers Grove, IL

The village of Downers Grove was founded by religious evangelist Pierce Downer in 1832, and is currently home to almost 49,000 people. Downers Grove lies 19 miles west of Chicago, within DuPage County. Downers Grove is known for its informal summer car shows and annual cycling competition, the National Criterium Championships. Downers Grove is also notable for its winter ice sculpture festival and weekly farmer’s market, which runs from summer through fall.
Downers Grove residents are served by the 18th Judicial Circuit Court. A qualified Downers Grove lawyer can direct your case through the court, and will know the local rules of court. For instance, if there is cause to believe that the judge assigned to your case is impartial or should not hear your case for other reasons, your lawyer must file a Motion for Substitution of Judge for Cause. At a hearing, the court considers verified pleadings, affidavits, and other admissible information. And if the motion is granted, the Presiding Judge or Chief Judge will reassign your case to a different judge within the division.
Recently, a federal class-action lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court against Woodstock-based InvestForClosures in connection with a real estate scam in which as many as 100 investors, including one Downers Grove man, were defrauded. InvestForClosures allegedly promised to buy foreclosed and distressed U.S. properties, but instead bought undeveloped property located in Mexico. is a trusted attorney locator resource. will efficiently find the best Downers Grove lawyers for you, free of cost. Take the first step by completing our short, confidential intake survey, or by learning about your legal issue in the LegalMatch Library. In addition, the following sites contain legal information about Downers Grove:

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