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Learn More About Wilmette, IL

The village of Wilmette, in Cook County, north of downtown Chicago, was ranked in 2015 as the safest place to raise children in the state of Illinois. Located on the shoreline of Lake Michigan, hosts both a harbor and an urban forest, making it very attractive to families with better income seeking to move out from Chicago.

The town is named after French settler Archange Chevalier Ouilmette, who originally owned the land. In 1869, the Wilmette railway station was built, connecting the town to Chicago and Milwaukee, paving for the town’s incorporation in 1872. Today it is a home-rule community with a village council and manager to run its public infrastructure and services.

The town has high literacy rates. The 2010 US Census records that 5,755 and 7,183 of its 17,010 adult population hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees, respectively. For those seeking legal education, there is the Chicago-Kent College of Law Illinois State University and the Loyola University Chicago School of Law. These two produced many of the state’s top lawyers, including those serving Wilmette.

One of the more recent cases from Wilmette to make it to the Chicago Tribune is that of a man suing his condo association because of alleged disruptive behavior exhibited by his neighbors. In April 2019, a Cook County judge ordered him to pay 1 million dollars to the condo association for harassment and deliberately delaying litigation to increase costs. According to the judge, the claims were “frivolous” ranging from lack of say in the identities of neighbors and ban on having shirtless massages by the pool.

This underscores the importance of finding a legal professional that will ensure the best possible results for your legal suits. If you allow Legalmatch to find one for you, you can be certain that our database has hundreds of lawyers to match with your specific concerns. We have lawyers with ample experience in handling cases of arbitration and mediation, bankruptcy, real estate planning, and divorce.

If you want to try free legal advice, you may apply for consultation with various Chicago-based legal nonprofits, including Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago and the Chicago Legal Clinic Pro Bono Program. There are other clinics for specific human rights’ concerns, such as for workers, those incarcerated, and so on.

If you want to do some research by yourself for now, you may visit the Cook County Law Library, about half an hour’s drive from Wilmette near the Chicago city hall. To save on time and travel costs, you may also try to browse through the Legalmatch Online Law Library, which has over 10,000 legal articles. These topics were chosen and written by our competent team of writers and legal professionals to provide clients a most convenient method of acquiring legal knowledge.

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