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Cities making up the Quad Cities are the center of the Metropolitan Area and the largest combined statistical area in the U.S. If you need to file a lawsuit in the area, make sure to consult a bar certified Quad Cities lawyer to ensure that you are filing with the correct court.

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Learn More About Quad Cities

Quad Cities refers to Mid-Mississippi Valley communities in Iowa and Illinois and plays host to roughly 400,000 residents. Oddly, there are fives cities that make up the Quad Cities, Davenport and Bettendorf (in Iowa) and Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline (in Illinois). The most popular attraction in the area is the John Deere World Headquarters in Moline; however, there are a number of other notable companies that call the area home.

Quad Cities is an area with a number of talented lawyers who are familiar with local court procedures. Lawyers in Quad Cities take a diverse selection of cases including bankruptcy, child support, personal injury, wrongful termination, and criminal cases like felony charges.

Recently in the Quad Cities area, Donald Dobkin filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the University of Iowa and its law school. Dobkin stated that it was clear that the university didn’t consider those over the age of 40 for the entry level professor position and that is was a disservice to both the university and its students. The university refused to comment on the pending litigation but records show that they haven’t hired anyone older than 40 in over 10 years.

If you have a lawsuit to file in the Quad Cities area, you will probably be visiting an Illinois Circuit Court or an Iowa District Court depending on the location and specifics of your case. Both courts represent the states’ only trial level courts with which to file and handle most cases, excluding those like immigration, which arise in the area.

The best way to ensure you are filing with the correct court is through consulting a bar certified Quad Cities lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch also provides reference materials like an online law library, newsletters, and tips for selecting the best lawyer for your needs.

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