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Learn More About Madison County, IL

When it was originally established, Madison County was comprised of almost three quarters of what is now the state of Illinois. The county was known as a heavy industrial manufacturing powerhouse because of its steel mills, oil refineries and other heavy industry. As an unfortunate side effect, Madison County has been ranked by the EPA as the county having the second highest cancer risk in the United States.
There are many talented Madison County lawyers skilled in areas of law such as criminal defense, DUI, divorce, bankruptcy, tax, alimony, personal injury, real estate, wills, and more.
A Michigan man recently filed a lawsuit against 51 defendants in Madison County court, claiming that he was exposed to asbestos when he was a child which later developed into Mesothelioma. In his lawsuit filed in Madison County, the man claims that he was exposed to the substance during his childhood when his father would come home from work because his clothes would be dusted with the substance. The man’s father had been a metal finisher with Chrysler. Very often, these carcinogenic fibers can become trapped in work clothes and are unintentionally and unknowingly brought home.
If you have a case that you need to file in Madison County, you will likely do so at the Madison County Circuit Court. Navigating your way through the legal system by yourself can take more time than more people have available, but a local attorney can handle almost your entire lawsuit if you want him to. is a great online tool that you can use to find a great Madison County lawyer to represent you in your case. After submitting some background information about your lawsuit, we will match you with local attorneys who have experience litigating matters similar to yours. Best of all, this service is entirely free for you to use and we will keep your personal information strictly confidential.
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