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Learn More About Melrose Park, IL

Melrose Park is nicknamed the Corporate King of the Suburbs. It shares Cook County with Chicago, the industrial and commercial heart of middle America. It hosts such famous corporations as Jewel-Osco, Alberto-Culver, Wilson Sporting Goods, International Harvester, Navistar, and Zenith. It was once the home of Stern Pinball, Inc., the world’s last existing manufacturer of pinball machines.

With a low crime rate, low water rates and low tax rates for real estate properties, the community is obviously a prosperous one. There is pride of place here for residents living in well-planned communities, with homes that are among the best-looking and desirable in any real estate market.

The business and residential enclave has had its own economic booms through its history. A recent one is still ongoing here, based on traditional and new business or economic fields. An added plus for residents includes two major hospitals located within village territory, retail centers, and fine dining locations. Expressway access or train and bus routes make it easy for anyone here to attend sporting events, shop or enjoy what nearby Chicago has to offer.

Another thing residents take pride in this village is the City of WordPress’ extensive system of parks. This system is served by an amazing number of sports playing fields, picnic shelters, swimming pools, fitness facilities and more.

Residents here have many sources of information in the legal sense. One is the city government itself, which also runs the Melrose Park Public Library. This is further helped by such reliable service as LegalMatch, which has its own online Law Library where you can find in-depth and relevant articles on wide-ranging aspects of law in the United States. LegalMatch connects lawyers whose area of expertise matches the specific legal needs of their clients.

There is a virtual host of organizations and firms offering pro bono legal aid to citizens in this city, especially those who are needy. Many are based in Chicago, among them the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee For Civil Rights Under Law, Inc., The Law Project, Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic and the Center for Conflict Resolution.

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