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Learn More About Aurora, IL

Aurora is the second largest city in Illinois and is home to approximately 229,000 residents.  Aurora extends into four counties:  DuPage, Kane, Kendall, and Will.  In addition, six school districts and seven townships are located in the city of Aurora.  Aurora is known as “The City of Lights” because it was one of the first cities to use an all-electric street lighting system.

Aurora sits on the edge of the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, and Aurora has long been a central location for the manufacturing industry.  Several prominent manufacturers, such as Lyon Workspace Products and Caterpillar Incorporated, currently have offices in Aurora.  Today, over 130 Aurora lawyers live in, and many belong to the DuPage County Bar Association, the Kane County Bar Association, the Kendall County Bar Association, the Will County Bar Association, and the Illinois State Bar Association.

Alongside being a great manufacturing hub, Aurora is home to many celebrities.  Actors and models Kimberly Donley, Andrea Evans, StanaKatic, Elizabeth Linington, Nicole Narain and Phillip Edward Van Lear are all natives of Aurora.  Music names Gene Greene, Ken Griffin, Dave Johnston, Jeff Olson, Maud Powell, and Carl Thomas have all called Aurora home.  Major names in the NFL that are natives of Aurora include Marger Apsit, Kurt Becker, Done Beebe, Brad Childress, Larry English, Roy Horstmann, Joe Krakoski, Randy Melvin, and Steve Thompson.  The list continues as many names is basketball, directing, boxing, politics, and business have once called Aurora home.

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Aurora lawyers practice in numerous areas, such as criminal defense law , personal bankruptcy law, real estate law, and divorce law.  Recently, in a Kane County court, Planned Parenthood of Illinois sought $317,322 for legal fees it incurred while defending itself in a libel suit brought by Chicago’s Pro-Life Action League.  Judge Judith M. Brawka dismissed two counts of the lawsuit after finding Planned Parenthood was protected from libel allegations under the Citizens Participation Act, which is designed to protect citizens who speak out about government issues.

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It can be hard for someone who has recently run into a legal problem to find the best Aurora lawyer for his or her needs. can help you, however. will find the perfect Aurora lawyer for you, and LegalMatch will do so free of charge.  Simply explain your problem to LegalMatch, and they will connect you with a pre-screened Aurora lawyer who understands the Illinois court system and the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit.  If you need more time before discussing your case with an Aurora lawyer, you may look through LegalMatch’s Law Library, which contains over 3000 articles.  Additionally, you may peruse the frequently asked questions.

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