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Learn More About Schaumburg, IL

Like many small towns near large urban centers, Schaumburg’s growth to a large community of over 75,000 began with the advent of the automobile. As city dwellers began purchasing and using cars, they began moving out of the cities and into the rapidly developing suburbs. Schaumburg was no stranger to this phenomenon, and even became home to the second largest mall in the United States during this period of unprecedented growth.
Schaumburg lawyers can help you with real estate transactions, criminal litigation, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, or any other legal issue you may be facing. Lawyers in Schaumburg were recently on both sides of a fraud lawsuit against two Schaumburg residents alleged to have been running the second largest telemarketing scam in Illinois history. The lawsuit settled out of court, with both sides agreeing to consult a neutral fact finder to discern exactly how many millions of dollars the defendants owe to the citizens of Illinois.
Schaumburg lawyers are familiar with the Cook County court system. Cook County courts include the Cook County Circuit Court, which has a variety of divisions in six different districts throughout the county. Local courts often have local rules. An experienced Schaumburg lawyer will know the ins and outs of these courts, as well as the curt staff judges, other lawyers, and law enforcement.
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